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Welcome to Woodside Services

Welcome to Woodside farm, set on a hill side in the Vale of Leadon in Gloucestershire, with views to the east of May hill and The Malvern's to the north, Woodside farm is a truly beautiful place to be.

Here at Woodside we work closely and considerately with woodland and forests, practicing a fully sustainable and viable way of working, coppicing and maintaining our woodlands for our children and their futures.

All of our hard woods are selected by hand, milled by hand and then made into beautiful furniture either at Woodside farm or within the forest itself.

Our Products and Services


We offer willow weaving courses as well as willow weaving sets that you can make yourself at home.

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Our range of bespoke furniture is made from locally sourced timber cut by hand and milled at Woodside.

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We make custom hardwood timber framed buildings tailored to suit your needs.

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We also offer general woodland services as well as products for your property and home.

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